SWDM800H Rotary Drilling Rig: A Major Milestone for SUNWARD Piling Machinery

In a momentous achievement, SUNWARD Piling Machinery celebrates the successful launch of the SWDM800H Rotary Drilling Rig on July 26, signifying a remarkable advancement in both the company and the piling machinery industry.

This cutting-edge rig is a true game-changer, especially for mega-projects like towering skyscrapers, bridges, railways, and expressways, boasting an astounding maximum drilling depth of 155 meters!

With its intelligent operating system, robust power, and a large inertia slewing platform, the SWDM800H redefines performance and precision.

SUNWARD’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence shines brightly as they continue to pave the way for high-end, revolutionary products, setting the stage for future engineering projects.

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking updates!