Sunward Unveils the S-Series Drilling Rigs at Geofluid Exhibition in Piacenza

Geofluid Exhibition

Sunward is making waves with its latest showcase at the Geofluid Exhibition. While the brand has carved a reputation for excellence in excavators, it is now setting its sights on revolutionizing the drilling rig industry. Visitors to the Sunward stand at Geofluid will be captivated by the commanding presence of the SWDM 130S drilling rig, weighing almost 38 tons and towering at an impressive 17 meters.

This exhibition marks a significant milestone for Sunward in Europe as it reinforces the launch of a new Business Unit, officially announced during Bauma. However, foundation equipment is not new to Sunward, as it was in this very field that the company was born 22 years ago. Sunward’s journey began with a groundbreaking innovation, the Hydraulic Vibratory Pile Driver, based on a patent by Professor He Quinghua. In 2000, Sunward further cemented its position by introducing a tunnel drilling robot, bridging a crucial gap in the Chinese drilling industry.

Over the years, Sunward’s commitment to relentless technological advancements has led to the development of a comprehensive range of drilling rigs, known for their performance, reliability, and stability, all achieved at an impressively low operating cost.

Key Features and Advantages of Sunward Drilling Rigs:

Versatility: Sunward’s drilling rigs are meticulously crafted for versatility, excelling in various drilling methods, including fully-cased Kelly drilling and the FDP method. This adaptability makes them dynamic and indispensable tools for a wide range of drilling applications.

Speed and Efficiency: Sunward’s innovative drilling rigs are powered by high-performance Cummins engines, large-displacement main pumps, and motors, ensuring unmatched drilling performance. Their low fuel consumption minimizes operational costs, while their impressive torque and speed enhance overall project efficiency.

Reliability: Sunward places a strong emphasis on reliability, with features like a π-type structure plug-in telescopic chassis and a reinforced double movable arm luffing mechanism. Single-layer main winch ropes are designed for full drilling depth, significantly extending their service life.

Easy Maintenance: Sunward’s commitment to user-friendly features is evident in the design of their drilling rigs. The lower mast is equipped with a concealed telescopic outrigger, simplifying casing placement and chassis maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth drilling operations.

Environmental Compliance: Sunward’s drilling rigs meet stringent environmental standards, with near-zero emissions. They align seamlessly with the latest European Union requirements while delivering impressive power without compromising performance or fuel economy.

Best Value for Money: Sunward is your smartest investment in reliability, performance, and high ROI. Indeed, the S Seroies drilling rig’s expert design includes a well-thought-out selection of components that streamline operation and maintenance. Our design choices result in a machine that provides Standard features, premium-brand key components, and capabilities at the right price. And furthermore, Sunward’s own genuine spare parts are economical as well – and all of this best value for money is crowned by a warranty, standard for all Sunward products.

Today, Sunward proudly offers an extensive range of drill rigs tailored for the European market, comprising 10 models, all compliant with Stage V emission standards. Furthermore, anticipation is building as Sunward prepares to introduce three additional models: the SWDM 300S, 300SW, and 400SW, pending CE certification. These drilling rigs show Sunward’s unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainability.

For more information about Sunward’s innovative drilling rigs and their presence at the Geofluid Exhibition, please visit the Sunward stand or their official website: