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Meet the SWDM 240S, the “all-round master” for superior rock and soil drilling. This rig redefines efficiency with a high-powered engine, large-displacement main pump, and low fuel consumption, ensuring unmatched performance. Its stability is guaranteed by a π-type structure plug-in telescopic chassis and a reinforced double movable arm luffing mechanism.

Moreover, single-layer main winch ropes designed for full drilling depth extend their service life. Maintenance is a breeze, thanks to a concealed telescopic outrigger in the lower mast, simplifying casing placement and chassis upkeep.

Emission rating

Operating weight

Power output

Max. Drillling Diameter

2 000 mm



Introducing the SWDM 240S, often hailed as the “all-round master” for its exceptional performance in drilling both rocks and soil. This rig redefines speed and efficiency with its innovative features. Powered by a high-performance engine, it delivers unmatched drilling performance, complemented by a large-displacement main pump and motor for optimal operation. Furthermore, its low fuel consumption minimizes operational costs while maintaining high torque capability for superior drilling power. The SWDM 240S is built for project efficiency, offering impressive speed that enhances overall productivity.

Reliability is at the core of our cutting-edge Drilling Rigs. Featuring a π-type structure plug-in telescopic chassis for enhanced stability and a reinforced double movable arm luffing mechanism for robust performance, you can trust this rig to deliver. Additionally, its single-layer main winch ropes are designed for full drilling depth, significantly extending their service life.

Maintenance is a breeze with the SWDM 240S. The lower mast is equipped with a concealed telescopic outrigger, facilitating casing placement and chassis maintenance, ensuring your rig remains in top condition.

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Operating weight 77 000 kg
Shipping length 16 574 mm
Shipping width 3 000 mm


Max. drilling diameter 2 000 mm
Max. drilling depth 69 / 54 m


Model Cummins L9
Emission rating EU Stage V
Rated power output 252 kW


On top of its EU certification, the Sunward SWDM 240S, like all Sunward machines on the European market, is designed to meet European customer needs.


We’ve chosen the renowned EU Stage V Cummins L9 engine in its latest iteration to power the SWDM 240S drilling rig. This award-winning engine, known for its consistent performance, continues to evolve. With the highest power density in its class, the L9 ensures ample power for even the most demanding applications. It’s an industry benchmark for reliability and durability, benefiting from a widespread service network. Its improved fuel efficiency and extended maintenance intervals significantly reduce operational costs and the Total Cost of Ownership.

Additionally, the L9 engine achieves near-zero emissions, aligning seamlessly with the European Union’s latest requirements while delivering an impressive 252 kW of power. This remarkable combination ensures that the SWDM 240S maintains its high level of performance, fuel efficiency, and compliance with emissions standards.


Elevate your expectations of reliability with the SWDM 240S drilling rig. Our commitment to providing top-tier reliability is evident in the rig’s cutting-edge design. It boasts a π-type structure plug-in telescopic chassis that enhances stability, ensuring your operations remain solid and dependable even in challenging conditions. The reinforced double movable arm luffing mechanism further contributes to its robust performance, guaranteeing that it can handle demanding drilling tasks with ease. Additionally, the use of single-layer main winch ropes, specifically designed for full drilling depth, significantly extends their service life, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing the overall dependability of the SWDM 240S rig.


Prepare to be impressed by the SWDM 240S drilling rig, which offers an exceptional combination of speed and efficiency. At its core, this rig features a high-powered engine that sets the stage for unmatched drilling performance. Supported by a large-displacement main pump and motor, it operates at peak efficiency, ensuring optimal productivity during drilling operations. Notably, its low fuel consumption minimizes operational costs, contributing to economic benefits. With a remarkable torque capability, it delivers superior drilling power, while its impressive speed further enhances overall project efficiency. The SWDM 240S represents innovation at its finest, guaranteeing both rapid progress and cost-effectiveness in your drilling endeavors.

Sunward Drilling Rig, easy to maintain


Experience hassle-free maintenance with the SWDM 240S drilling rig. Designed for convenience, this rig comes equipped with a lower mast featuring a concealed telescopic outrigger. This thoughtful addition not only aids in the efficient placement of casing but also simplifies maintenance tasks for the chassis. With easier access and streamlined procedures, maintaining the SWDM 240S becomes a straightforward process, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your drilling operations continue to run smoothly. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing not only top-notch performance but also user-friendly features for your convenience.

Sunward Service Quality


Our commitment to providing exceptional service quality is evident through our comprehensive approach to customer support.

Our dedicated team ensures swift technical assistance, addressing any concerns or inquiries you may have in a timely manner. Additionally, our after-sales service is characterized by its responsiveness, guaranteeing that your needs are met promptly and effectively. Moreover, our commitment extends to providing efficient parts assistance, ensuring that you have access to the components you require without delay.

This holistic service approach underscores our dedication to delivering unparalleled support throughout your experience with our products.


Sunward is your smartest investment in reliability, performance, and high ROI. Indeed, the SWDM 240S’ expert design includes a well-thought-out selection of components that streamline operation and maintenance. Our design choices result in a machine that provides Standard features, premium-brand key components, and capabilities at the right price.

And furthermore, Sunward’s own genuine spare parts are economical as well – and all of this best value for money is crowned by a warranty, standard for all Sunward products.

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