SUNWARD donates 15 000 masks in Europe

SUNWARD donates 15 000 masks in Europe … and way more worldwide.

On May 28, 2020, Arnaud Berthier, CEO SUNWARD Europe Heavy Equipmentsupported the Province of Limburg in Belgium, with the donation of 2,000 3-ply masks in a collective effort to the community where SUNWARD European Headquarter is based, reaching 15,000 masks donated in Europe.

SUNWARD donates 15 000 masks in Europe and way more worldwide.

It all started with the great founder spirit (Professor He) that Innovation Leads to Value and that the company’s efforts are here to create better lives within a community:
On February 8, 2020, the SUNWARD Intelligent Equipment Group decided to redeploy some of its production lines by taking advantage of its extensive innovation design and engineering capabilities to produce ‘3-layers’ face masks. The objective then was to protect all SUNWARD employees in China who resumed work on February 15th, 2020.

By March 2020, when Europe was badly hit by the pandemic, SUNWARD had become self-sufficient, covering not only its own employees’ needs but also those of its entire Chinese network, i.e. distributing ‘3-layers’ CE certified face masks to both its Europe dealers and customers. In keeping with our key values and company spirit, the SUNWARD Intelligent Equipment Group did not stop there and raised its mask production capacity to ship 6,000 masks to Italy.

On April 10, 2020, the masks’ production reached 40,000 masks/day, covering the entire global SUNWARD community: employees, suppliers, dealers, resellers, and customers.

Today, SUNWARD has decided to go one step further in keeping with its motto “Innovation Leads to Value”. It has pushed production to 1,000,000 masks/day to support an even larger community (cities, Chambers of Commerce, and Construction associations) with its CE certified ‘3-layer’ face masks.

This pandemic has hit us all, both professionally and privately and regardless of our age or origin. It is our duty and pride, as SUNWARD member and partner, to actively support, preserve and improve the quality of life!

SUNWARD donates 15 000 masks in Europe and way more worldwide.