Effortless Clearing: See Sunward SWTL 4538 in Action Against Tough Vegetation!


Discover the unmatched power and versatility of the Sunward SWTL 4538 compact track loader, now equipped with a high-performance brush cutter attachment. This powerful combination is your go-to solution for clearing brush, saplings, and thick vegetation effortlessly, even in the most challenging conditions. Whether you’re breaking new farmland, managing a ranch, or running a landscaping business, the Sunward SWTL 4538 makes tough jobs easy.

About the Sunward SWTL 4538 Compact Track Loader:

The Sunward SWTL 4538 is not just any compact loader. It’s a versatile powerhouse designed for the toughest terrains and tasks. With its suspended undercarriage system and tracks, it delivers exceptional performance on mulch, rock, or dirt, ensuring maximum drawbar power wherever you work.

Despite its compact size, it boasts an impressive breakout force and lifting capacity, making light work of heavy loads. The powerful Kubota engine not only offers outstanding performance and reliability but also meets the European Union’s Stage V emission requirements, ensuring eco-friendly operation.

Maintenance is a breeze with easily accessible service checkpoints and cooling system components, all from the ground level. The ROPS/FOPS cab tilts for quick access to major components, making service and maintenance straightforward and time-efficient.

Comfort and safety are paramount in the SWTL 4538, featuring a spacious cab with ergonomic controls, excellent all-around visibility, and a comfortable seat, ensuring operator comfort and safety throughout the workday.

Why the Brush Cutter Attachment?

Paired with the Sunward SWTL 4538, the brush cutter attachment elevates this compact track loader into a land-clearing champion.

Ideal for farm, ranch, and landscape use, it easily clears away undergrowth, brush, and small trees, making land preparation and maintenance fast and efficient.

Built for Multitasking:

Sunward’s SWTL 4538 is engineered for versatility and compactness, maneuverable in tight spaces without sacrificing performance on rough terrain.

Lightweight and compact for easy transportation, it supports a wide range of attachments, offering unmatched control with intuitive joysticks and double-accelerator controls.

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