Sunward expands its excavator range with a 15-tonne wheeled wonder

Sunward SWE 155FW

Since its European debut in 2015, Sunward Europe has been making waves with its lineup of crawler excavators, particularly in the mini, compact, and medium segments. Today, Sunward Europe is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its fleet: the Sunward SWE 155FW, a robust 15-ton wheeled excavator. And where better to unveil this engineering marvel than at the MATEXPO exhibition in Kortrijk, Belgium (September 6-10, 2023)? After all, Sunward Europe has made its home in Tessenderlo, Belgium.

A Marvel of Modern Design

While aesthetics might not be the sole criteria for choosing an excavator, the SWE 155FW demonstrates Sunward’s unwavering commitment to crafting visually pleasing machinery. Fresh off their IF Design Award win for their zero tail model, the Sunward design team in Changsha, China, has struck gold again with this wheeled excavator. Its sleek contours align seamlessly with the new design language introduced with the F-series family at Bauma 2022. As a result, the SWE 155FW not only exudes an air of sturdiness but also promises agility and grace in its movements.

However, as we all know, looks can be deceiving, and in the case of the SWE 155FW, this initial impression is substantiated by outstanding performance and impeccable construction quality.

Before we dive into its impressive performance, let’s get acquainted with the star of the show – the Sunward SWE 155FW. This European debutante, set to steal the spotlight at the MATEXPO exhibition, boasts an articulated boom, also known as a 2-piece boom. With an operating weight ranging from 14,700 kg (blade) to 15,400 kg (blade and rear stabilizers), this wheeled excavator is designed to handle a myriad of tasks with ease. And rest assured, the SWE 155FW comes equipped with CE Certification and adheres to Stage V emission standards, aligning seamlessly with Sunward’s commitment to environmental responsibility across all its machines available in Europe.


Unleash the Power: Engine Performance & Productivity

The heart of the Sunward SWE 155FW wheeled excavator beats with an unwavering commitment to performance and productivity. It’s not just a machine; it’s a powerhouse designed to redefine your expectations.

At the core of this formidable performer lies the compact yet mighty Cummins QSF3.8 engine. Delivering a robust 155 kW at 2,200 rpm, this powerhouse of an engine achieves near-zero emissions without compromising on power, performance, or fuel efficiency. With a widespread service network and a reputation for reliability, Cummins is a trusted name in the industry, ensuring peace of mind for operators.

The SWE 155FW’s Cummins engine complies effortlessly with the European Union’s stringent Stage V emission requirements. But what sets it apart? Its remarkable efficiency. With an inline 4-cylinder design and a modest 3.8 L displacement, this engine sips fuel conservatively, improving total fluid efficiency (including both fuel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid) by up to 3 percent. And here’s the kicker – it doesn’t sacrifice performance. In fact, compared to its previous iteration, this engine delivers 10 percent more power and nearly 20 percent more torque across the entire RPM range.

The SWE 155FW’s hydraulic system boasts industry-leading efficiency, translating to minimal fuel consumption. Sunward’s innovative thinking has led to a 7 percent increase in machine displacement, a 4 percent boost in power, and a remarkable 6 percent enhancement in volume efficiency, making this excavator an energy-efficient marvel.

But efficiency doesn’t stop there. The Cummins engine comes equipped with a two-stage filtration system, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. With 620 Nm of engine torque, operators can seamlessly adapt to various work environments, enjoying swift acceleration while saving precious fuel.

With 5 programmable attachment work modes, the SWE 155FW offers unmatched versatility, allowing operators to optimize fuel consumption based on the task at hand.

And here’s the clincher – refueling becomes a rare occurrence with the SWE 155FW. Not only is it extraordinarily economical, but it also boasts an industry-leading fuel tank capacity of 320 liters, setting a new standard in the excavator world. So, whether you’re tackling a long day on the job site or powering through demanding projects, the SWE 155FW ensures you spend more time working and less time refueling. That’s what we call efficiency redefined.


Effortless Precision: A Hydraulic Symphony

We recognize that the hydraulic system is the heart and soul of any excavator, the secret to its performance and prowess. That’s why, for the Sunward SWE 155FW, we’ve embarked on a partnership with Hengli, a name synonymous with efficiency and reliability in the excavator realm.

Our collaboration with Hengli is more than just business; it’s a harmonious fusion of expertise and innovation. We’ve meticulously aligned our hydraulic system with Sunward’s cutting-edge third-generation control technology. This perfect synchronization ensures that the engine and hydraulic system adapt flawlessly to various conditions, optimizing performance in every scenario.

Here’s the magic behind the scenes: Our hydraulic device boasts a positive flow control system, dramatically reducing power losses. When you engage the controls, the handle signal instantaneously orchestrates the main pump and the main valve in perfect harmony. This precise dance optimizes the distribution of flow, resulting in rapid, laser-accurate responses during operation, all while conserving valuable energy.

With hydraulic system pressures soaring to an impressive 31.4/34.3 MPa, the SWE 155FW effortlessly meets the rigorous demands of various tasks, elevating mining efficiency to new heights. Whether you’re excavating, lifting, or maneuvering, this hydraulic symphony ensures peak performance.

But we didn’t stop there. Just like the generous fuel tank capacity, the SWE 155FW boasts an oil tank with a best-in-class volume of 185L. This smart design choice guarantees endurance and longevity, making the SWE 155FW a true marathon performer in the excavator world.


Built for the Toughest Challenges: Durability Redefined

Performance alone doesn’t make a great excavator; it needs to be rugged and resilient, especially when tackling the most demanding tasks in the forest, on the recycling side or during road construction. That’s where the SWE 155FW truly shines, embodying the essence of durability.

The foundation of this durability starts with the core structural components of the SWE 155FW. Key parts, such as the boom, arm, and chassis, are engineered with increased sheet material thickness, rendering them resistant to distortions even under extreme pressures. All supporting elements are meticulously crafted from high-strength, high-ductility structural steel, creating components that boast both exceptional wear resistance and structural strength. This meticulous process results in a substantial enhancement in reliability, ensuring steadfast operation even during heavy-duty tasks.

The SWE 155FW is not just designed for typical construction work; it’s engineered to thrive in heavy-duty applications from the get-go. Our heavy-duty implements undergo a delicate annealing process that eliminates residual stress in weld seams, significantly boosting the machine’s reliability. After welding, a controlled cooling process is employed, wherein the metal is heated to 600 – 800°C and then gradually cooled down in an isolated chamber. This time-intensive process ensures superior uniformity and compactness throughout the steel’s texture, eliminating residual stress and defects. The result? Unparalleled machine durability. It’s worth noting that this level of commitment to quality is a rare find in an industry that often prioritizes time and cost savings over excellence.

Moreover, our SWE 155FW boasts a slew of design features that reinforce its durability. The slewing bearing and seat ring boast larger diameters than competing products, ensuring enhanced bearing capacity. The wheelbase and wheel base are among the most spacious in its class, providing superior stability during operation. The inclusion of a standard shovel, alongside optional legs, further bolsters operational stability.

To top it off, the SWE 155FW’s hyperbolic bucket type is a game-changer. Its design reduces resistance significantly, enabling swift soil-to-rock transitions and significantly boosting mining and loading efficiency. This efficiency isn’t just a performance boon; it also translates to reduced overall fuel consumption, making it an eco-conscious choice in addition to its durability credentials. At Sunward, we never compromise on quality, always striving to deliver machines of the utmost reliability and longevity.


Safety and Operator Comfort: A Priority for Enhanced Productivity

In the world of construction equipment, safety isn’t just a priority; it’s an imperative, both for the operator and the surrounding environment. This rings especially true for wheeled excavators, often deployed in road construction scenarios where safety is paramount. At Sunward, we believe that safety is intrinsically linked to comfort. Everything is designed to keep operators comfortable and productive as well as safe. When an operator feels secure, it naturally leads to increased productivity.

First and foremost, the SWE 155FW offers remarkable stability, earning accolades from users worldwide. This stability is achieved through the machine’s dimensions, proportions, and an ideal weight distribution among components. To further bolster stability during operation, the SWE 155FW offers three versatile configurations:

  • Dozer Blade: Also designed to function as a stabilizer.
  • Dozer Blade with 2 Rear Stabilizers: Enhancing rear stability.
  • 2 Front Stabilizers with 2 Rear Stabilizers: Offering comprehensive stability on all fronts.

Safety begins with the operator’s workspace, and the SWE 155FW’s cab meets FOPS and ROPS requirements, setting the standard for a secure and comfortable work environment across all applications. Anti-skid plates line all maintenance corridors, while multi-level step access features handrails for ergonomic comfort and safety. The split hood on the upper platform is lightweight and opens to the rear, facilitating secure maintenance procedures.

Access to the cab has been thoughtfully designed for operator ease, whether they are on the ground or already seated inside, ensuring no risks or undue exertion are involved.

Visibility is Key: Exceptional visibility translates directly into environmental safety. The SWE 155FW boasts excellent natural visibility through its windows, including a roof window. This is further enhanced by two standard cameras – rear and right – eliminating blind spots. Even during night operations, visibility remains impeccable, thanks to the cameras’ night vision capabilities. As a bonus, the machine comes equipped with six LED lights, situated on both sides of the boom, front cab, and the platform – guaranteeing visibility in all conditions.

Minimized Noise and Vibration: Comfort extends to minimizing sound and vibrations. Extensive insulation measures have been taken, with soundproof sponges applied to the engine hood, hydraulic pump door, and multiple spots in the cab. The engine compartment is fitted with a partition, heat insulation, and sound insulation sponge. For added convenience, the SWE 155FW can be optionally equipped with a front guard and rear lights.

Operator-Centric Design: Inside the cab, operator comfort takes center stage. Storage is ample, featuring spacious storage areas, a cold storage unit, multiple lockers, and an enlarged water cup holder. The seat, fully adjustable with armrests and headrest, can be configured in multiple directions, accommodating operators of varying heights and optimizing seat position for maximum comfort. The machine’s electronic interface boasts a large 10.1″ LCD touchscreen, consolidating most controls and housing the Bluetooth radio. Starting the machine is as simple as pushing a button. For climate control, the AC system offers 360° airflow through multiple adjustable outlets, ensuring operator comfort regardless of external conditions.


Streamlined Serviceability for Efficiency

In the world of construction, time is money, and every moment spent on maintenance counts. The SWE 155FW understands the value of your time, and its design prioritizes easy access for daily checks and routine maintenance, substantially reducing both time and costs associated with upkeep.

The rear and side covers of the SWE 155FW open fully, offering direct and unobstructed access to vital service points. Maintenance tasks have been intelligently centralized, eliminating unnecessary complexities. This thoughtful design allows most maintenance procedures to be conducted while safely standing on the ground, emphasizing both ease and safety.

Replacing and servicing filter elements can be accomplished with ease from ground level, making maintenance a breeze. Centralized greasing, accessible from a single point, simplifies this often-overlooked yet crucial task. Additionally, the SWE 155FW provides hassle-free access to the fuel tank and oil tank, ensuring that every facet of maintenance is convenient and straightforward.

The SWE 155FW is engineered for reliability, and its user-friendly maintenance features ensure that servicing the machine is just as effortless as operating it. This commitment to simplicity not only saves time but also ensures that the machine remains in peak condition, ready to tackle any task with efficiency.


Unmatched Versatility for Every Challenge

At the core of Sunward’s philosophy, “Innovation Leads to Value,” lies an unwavering commitment to creating machinery that not only benefits owners but also empowers operators with unmatched versatility. The SWE 155FW, true to this ethos, has been meticulously designed and engineered to offer optimal value to owners while providing operators with the tools they need to excel in diverse environments.

The SWE 155FW’s adaptability knows no bounds. It effortlessly transitions between a myriad of working conditions and applications, making it a formidable companion for operators across industries. What sets this excavator apart are its three separate auxiliary lines, a feature often lacking in competitors’ machines. Two of these lines are equipped with shut-off valves, ensuring effortless and leak-free attachment installations.

These auxiliary lines are thoughtfully distributed as follows:

  • AUX 1, situated at the boom of the arm, primarily serves the hydraulic quick-hitch, offering seamless compatibility.
  • AUX 2, designed for greater flow, caters to the demands of flow-hungry attachments like breakers, ensuring consistent performance.
  • AUX 3, offering a lower flow rate, serves as an additional line for attachments equipped with two actuators, enhancing adaptability.

Beyond these impressive auxiliary lines, the SWE 155FW boasts 5 distinct bucket working modes and attachment work modes. In just a matter of minutes, operators can unlock a world of possibilities, allowing them to tailor the machine’s capabilities to the task at hand. Moreover, the inclusion of a tiltrotator further amplifies its adaptability, providing even greater flexibility for intricate jobs.

The SWE 155FW’s complete auxiliary settings, standard on every unit, provide fully adjustable pressure and flow monitoring for all attachment types. This comprehensive feature set ensures that no matter the challenge or requirement, the SWE 155FW stands ready to deliver unmatched performance, versatility, and value.


Unlocking Boundless Potential with the Sunward SWE 155FW

As a conclusion, we can say that in the world of wheeled excavators, the Sunward SWE 155FW stands as a paragon of excellence. As we embarked on this journey through its remarkable features, we discovered a machine that redefines the industry’s standards in more ways than one.

From its awe-inspiring design, combining strength with agility, to its robust performance and eco-friendly credentials, the SWE 155FW leaves an indelible mark.

Safety, a paramount concern, is woven into every facet of the SWE 155FW, while this excavator’s adaptability is unmatched, Operators can effortlessly tailor the SWE 155FW to meet the demands of any job, while the tiltrotator option expands its capabilities even further.

As a conclusion, Sunward is your smartest investment in reliability, performance, and high ROI. Indeed, the SWE 155FW’s expert design includes a well-thought-out selection of components that streamline operation and maintenance. Our design choices result in a machine that provides so many standard features, premium-brand key components, and capabilities at the right price. And furthermore, Sunward’s own genuine spare parts are economical as well – and all of this best value for money is crowned by up to 3 years of warranty, standard for all Sunward products.

With the Sunward SWE 155FW, your expectations will be surpassed, your challenges met with ease, and your investment rewarded with enduring value.

Unleash the full potential of your projects, explore new horizons of productivity, and choose a partner that’s committed to your success. Choose the SWE 155FW, where innovation, performance, and reliability converge to redefine excellence in wheeled excavators.

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