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Introducing the SWDM130S rotary drilling rig, the “Electric Tower Drilling Rig,” meticulously designed for electric tower construction. Crafted for versatility, it conquers diverse terrains, including challenging mountainous roads, thanks to a specialized chassis and powerful driving force. This rig’s small turning radius ensures exceptional mobility on narrow mountain roads. It excels in large diameter hole construction, low headroom construction, and lifting reinforcing steel cages over extended distances using the auxiliary winch. Swiftly transition between drilling and transport with a single mast control button for unmatched efficiency and speed.

Norme antipollution

Poids opérationnel

Puissance de sortie

Max. Drillling Diameter

1 300 mm



Unveiling the SWDM130S rotary drilling rig, known as the “Electric Tower Drilling Rig,” precision-engineered for electric tower construction.

Crafted to conquer diverse terrains, our specialized chassis, combined with robust driving force, ensures adaptability over fields, rural areas, and challenging mountainous roads.

Experience unrivaled mobility and flexibility with a small turning radius that effortlessly navigates narrow mountain roads.

Versatility is our forte. This rig excels in large diameter hole construction after disassembling the lower drill mast, low headroom construction following upper drilling mast dismantling, and lifting reinforcing steel cages over extended distances using the auxiliary winch.

Efficiency is paramount. Transport the rig with the kelly, optimizing cost savings. Swiftly transition between drilling and transport with a single mast control button.

Expect unparalleled speed and efficiency from our advanced Drilling Rigs, featuring dual motors and rotary reducers, ensuring remarkable torque and speed for exceptional project performance.

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Operating weight 37 500 kg
Shipping length 12 140 mm
Shipping width 2 600 mm


Max. drilling diameter 1 300 mm
Max. drilling depth 34 / 27 m


Model Cummins B6.7
Emission rating EU Stage V
Rated power output 129 kW


On top of its EU certification, the Sunward SWDM 130S, like all Sunward machines on the European market, is designed to meet European customer needs.


For the SWDM 130S, we selected the award-winning EU Stage V Cummins B6.7 engine in its latest version. This engine sets the industry standard for reliability and durability and enjoys wide popularity in the market, so it has an extensive service network. Its increased fuel economy and longer maintenance intervals contribute to lower cost of operation and lower Total Cost of Ownership.

With near-zero emission levels, it complies with the European Union’s latest requirements and delivers 129 kW without compromising power, performance, or fuel economy.


The SWDM 130S drilling rig is meticulously crafted for versatility, making it a dynamic and indispensable tool for a range of drilling applications. This rig excels in large diameter hole construction, a capability that is easily achieved by disassembling the lower drill mast. It also shines in low headroom construction, as the upper drilling mast can be dismantled to provide ample clearance in constrained spaces. Furthermore, this rig offers the advantage of utilizing its auxiliary winch to efficiently lift reinforcing steel cages over extended distances, facilitating a seamless and efficient construction process. Its adaptability to diverse drilling scenarios sets the SWDM 130S apart as a reliable and versatile choice for your projects.


The SWDM 130S drilling rig offers a seamless and efficient transfer process, simplifying your operations and contributing to cost savings. It enables the transportation of the entire rig with the kelly, ensuring that you stay within transport limits and reducing the logistical challenges associated with moving heavy equipment. Moreover, this rig facilitates swift transitions between drilling and transport operations, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall project efficiency. Streamlining your workflow, the rig features a single-button control for raising and lowering the mast, allowing for effortless and precise adjustments. This feature makes the SWDM 130S a practical and time-saving choice for your drilling needs.


The SWDM 130S drilling rig stands out for its exceptional mobility and flexibility, making it a versatile choice for various terrains and environments. Its specially-designed chassis, combined with a powerful driving force, enables seamless adaptation to diverse terrains, including fields, rural areas, and even challenging mountainous roads. This rig’s small turning radius is a key feature that allows it to navigate narrow mountain roads with ease, ensuring that it can access and operate effectively in confined spaces. Whether you’re working in open fields or navigating through challenging landscapes, the SWDM 130S offers the mobility and flexibility needed for successful drilling operations.


The SWDM 130S drilling rig is synonymous with exceptional speed and efficiency. Our advanced Drilling Rigs are equipped with dual motors and rotary reducers, ensuring that they deliver impressive torque and remarkable speed. This combination of power and precision ensures optimal performance for your drilling projects. Whether you’re tackling challenging or time-sensitive tasks, you can count on the SWDM 130S to provide the speed and efficiency needed to meet your project goals effectively and with precision. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology for superior drilling performance.

Sunward Service Quality


Our commitment to providing exceptional service quality is evident through our comprehensive approach to customer support.

Our dedicated team ensures swift technical assistance, addressing any concerns or inquiries you may have in a timely manner. Additionally, our after-sales service is characterized by its responsiveness, guaranteeing that your needs are met promptly and effectively. Moreover, our commitment extends to providing efficient parts assistance, ensuring that you have access to the components you require without delay.

This holistic service approach underscores our dedication to delivering unparalleled support throughout your experience with our products.


Sunward is your smartest investment in reliability, performance, and high ROI. Indeed, the SWDM 130S’ expert design includes a well-thought-out selection of components that streamline operation and maintenance. Our design choices result in a machine that provides Standard features, premium-brand key components, and capabilities at the right price.

And furthermore, Sunward’s own genuine spare parts are economical as well – and all of this best value for money is crowned by a warranty, standard for all Sunward products.

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